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卡米尔番: AWT /周Weendy骑士

[ 0 ] 七月 15, 2013 |


每次卡米尔番击水, 他是否freesailing,, 训练, 或竞争在美国滑浪风帆巡回演出 (AWT的), 你可以期望看到很多扬起眉毛. 去年, 这个非常有才华的风帆完成第一次整体上的AWT. Weendy赶上卡米尔直后,他把手枪河波第一名,今年猛砸.

帆号: GPE 8 Camille-profile
国籍: 法国人
年龄: 23
入门风帆: 在 16 岁
住所: 瓜德罗普岛
首页现货: 圣安妮
赞助商: 毛伊帆, 四, 橙色caraïbe的, 长角, 泰诺, 购买hyundai, MFC
AWT登场: 2010
师: 临
心仪的装备: 4.2 突变体和70L推进器
收藏移动: 前端 360 这是一个有点少桅杆高和侧风

Weendy: 告诉我们你是如何开始帆板.

卡米尔: 瓜德罗普岛一直是我的家,因为我开始帆板. 这是真的 [好] 学习在加勒比地区造成的风是不是太强大, 它是一贯的,有一些简单的波. Now I’m just choosing the best session which is pretty rare and light wind but so good. We have a little crew always motivated so it’s a pleasure.

Weendy: How did you get into competing? We’ve seen you in some PWA events in the past, now it looks like you are 100% focused on the AWT Tour.

卡米尔: I started competing in the PWA first when I was 15 cause my sponsors wanted, and I wanted to try everything.
And then I think I got addicted and I choose the AWT because I liked the spots better and I just love doing this tour.

To read the rest of the interview, please visit the Weendy Blog.

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