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Camille Juban: AWT / Weendy Ruiter van de Week

[ 0 ] Juli 15, 2013 |


Elke keer als Camille Juban het water raakt, of hij is freesailing, opleiding, of concurreren op de Amerikaanse Windsurfen Tour (AWT), u kunt verwachten om veel opgetrokken wenkbrauwen zien. Afgelopen jaar, Deze zeer getalenteerde windsurfer eindigde 1 overall op de AWT. Weendy caught up with Camille straight after he placed 1st place in Pistol River Wave Bash this year.

Zeilnummer: GPE 8 Camille-profile
Nationaliteit: French
Leeftijd: 23
Begon Windsurfen: Bij 16 jaar
Residentie: Guadeloupe
Huis Spot: St Anne
Sponsors: Maui sails, Vier, orange caraïbe, long horn, Tainos, Hyundai, MFC
AWT Debuut: 2010
Divisie: Pro
Favoriete Equipment: 4.2 mutant and 70L thruster
Favoriete Move: Frontside 360 when it’s a bit less then mast-high and side-off wind

Weendy: Tell us how you started windsurfing.

Camille: Guadeloupe has been my home since I started windsurfing. It’s really [good] to learn in the Caribbean cause the wind is not too strong, it is consistent and there are some easy waves. Now I’m just choosing the best session which is pretty rare and light wind but so good. We have a little crew always motivated so it’s a pleasure.

Weendy: How did you get into competing? We’ve seen you in some PWA events in the past, now it looks like you are 100% focused on the AWT Tour.

Camille: I started competing in the PWA first when I was 15 cause my sponsors wanted, and I wanted to try everything.
And then I think I got addicted and I choose the AWT because I liked the spots better and I just love doing this tour.

Om de rest van het interview te lezen, kunt u terecht op de Weendy Blog.

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