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Quattuor sollicitudin AWT Desert – Die III… Heroicis conditionibus!

[ 0 ] July 31, 2013 |


Repleti ad meridiem tument Punta San-Carlos adducentes consentaneum logo ad summum malum, quod volvunt ad altum tumet per purus Crater. Certamen got coepi 11:30 et cucurrit usque 6:30 cum XVI-minutis calefacit. Lets reprehendo ex actione.
Amateur elucidat: Sola actio in multa iam dies erat amateur divisionem. 3 Erat autem in circuitu, qui non est ex hoc quod est in fastigio duobus locis ardor extingui. LANIATUS in circuitu eorum ad victoriam iter 3 Wylde sunt Fiona, MacRae Wylde, Eric Sinclair et Marc Bitoun, dum etiam secundo loco finiatur progressi erant Tom Soltysiak, Ruben Lemmens, Mike Colee et Roberto Torkildsen.

Quartam-finales vidissent quosdam heroicis calefacit. Prius, Tom Soltysiak (certamen in primis in sæcula wavesailing) accepit eam cum aliqua infigo salo-stilo equitans Lemmens quoque Ruben progressi. Lemmens tuned respicit ipsum ut post introitum San Punta Carlos a septimana mane enim Matt Pritchard Undo Clinic. Secundo quartam-finales permanere vidit Marc Bitoun gravitati veheretur, Eric Sinclair, cum etiam imprimi iudicibus.

»Haec fuit optima dies amateur elit ætérnum. In AMs habent stoked!"Levi Siver


Mulieres elucidat: Mulieres got in die sub modo, 3 vna cum quibusdam calefacit. Rotundum 1 Fiona Wylde sunt uictorum et Ingrid LaRouche, semi-latae victoriam dolor sit teneatur.

Rotundum 2 cum vidissent quosdam ex statuto maxime infigo per undas volvuntur mulieres eligeremus omnibus quattuor aequa possessionem infigo equitat. Advancing to the semi-final were Sarah Delaunay and Tanya Saleh who racked up the best scoring waves of the heat. Kate Barker and Sam Bittner didn’t advance but they likely rode some of the biggest waves of their lives.

The semi-final was a tight battle. Ingrid Larouche struggled to find a set wave early but scored an epic wave late in the heat to secure the victory. Also moving on to the head-to-head final was Fiona Wylde who has probably spent more time on the water here this trip than anyone and is really dialing in the conditions.


Pro elucidat: With the conditions pumping we managed to get through the first two rounds of the pro heats. With the winners of round 1 getting a bye into the 3rd round it really paid off to ‘go for it’. Taking these heats were Camille Juban, Levi Siver, Bernd Roediger Kevin Pritchard. The move of the day was definitely Roediger’s massive head-dip aerial off a mast high point wave during his heat. The most innovative move not landed was Pritchard’s crazy Back Loop Off-the-lip… insane!

Pressure was on in round 2 as anyone not claiming first or second was now out of the competition. Russ Faurot’s massive aerial at the point helped him take Heat 5, while Casey Hauser also advanced. Jonah Lepak, a former west-coast top pro who has now jumped back onto the scene with his incredible riding style, won heat 6. Jake Miller also slashed his way into round 3 with some nice waves. Taking heat 7 was Morgan Noireaux with a nice mix of wave gouges and aerials, while Ferdinando Loffreda also advanced. The final heat saw Keith Teboul simply destroy the point waves for the win with Kevin McGillivray also riding incredibly well to advance. We are looking forward to round 3 today.

»Those were the biggest waves I’ve seen here in six years!” —Keith Teboul

Masters highlights: Rotundum 2 of the Masters division saw Jamie Crowley and Mike Colee come out on top of their heats putting in some tight slashy turns. Also advancing were Marty Rosse (despite sailing with stitches in his foot from the previous day) and Eric Sinclair.

Norm Roediger and Ferdinando Loffreda, who are both also competing in the Pro division, are really showing their wave prowess in these epic conditions. Roediger’s tight turns and Loffreda’s nice aerials allowed them to each take their heats in round 3. Also advancing to the semi-finals were Marty Rosse and Mike Colee with both continuing their solid performances. Roediger who patiently picked off the best set waves to score the most points took the semi-final. But Loffreda also advanced setting up and epic head-to-head final! Stay tuned for this result.






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