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[ 0 ] 九月 23, 2013 |

随着竞争的加剧完成后,两个固体天风吹浪打在一个美丽的哈特拉斯海滩, 竞争对手现在有时间休息, 放松和享受风景. 风停了,但膨胀住在一个合理的规模… 完美一些SUP和上网冲浪的乐趣. Parties this week including visiting all the sponsoring shops including Wind-NC (who was the title sponsor), Fox Watersports, Ocean Air and the Avon Sail House. A great time has been head by all. The final night party and awards were held at the Koru Klub with incredible prizes up for grabs, including a 2013 Starboard Kode, a Goya sail of the winner’s choosing and plenty of swag from Dakine. Thanks to all the sponsors for helping out at this awesome event.





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