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All-Time Expression Session and More Champions Crowned!

Ĉiuj-Tempa Esprimo Sesio kaj Pli da Ĉampionoj Kronis!

[ 0 ] Junio 14, 2015

Tago 3 of the Pistol RIver Wave Bash was a day for the Masters and Grand Masters to battle it out and fight for the over all titles. Today’s conditions were brutal to begin. Winds were lighter than expected and the swell was still as powerful and sizable. Add to this a huge current and […]

Perfect 10 and Champions Crowned!

Perfekta 10 Kaj Ĉampionoj Kronis!

[ 0 ] Junio 13, 2015

It was another killer day here at the 2015 Pistol River Wash Bash! We saw without a doubt, some of the most epic conditions for jumping and wave riding ever at an AWT event. The guys were slaying it! Double forwards, push-loop forwards, one-footed backies, huge stalled forwards, sick vertical wave 360s…… the list goes […]

Pistol River Delivers for Ams, Youth and Women:

Pistola Rivero Liveras por Ams, Junularo kaj Virinoj:

[ 0 ] Junio 12, 2015

Kiel #anta?vidi, the forecast delivered, and the 6th annual Pistol River Wave Bash kicked off in style with Amateurs, Youth and Women taking to the water. The wind was looking to blow up to 40 knots and everyone came prepared with their smallest sails and boards in their arsenal. It’s rare riders get a chance […]

Warm-up Day Cranks

Varmeta-supre Tage Cranks

[ 0 ] Junio 11, 2015

As riders descended on Pistol River, they were met with powerful winds. Most men were out on 4.2 or 3.7 Veloj, while women were holding down 3.0 Kaj 3.4 Metraj veloj. It was great to see everyone pushing their limits, and getting one last training session in before the competition kicks off on thursday. La […]

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